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Hoopnics is the moniker used for  the upbeat basketball camps and clinics run by Coach Chris Nicol. 

The camps are renowned for solid fundamental instruction paired with enthusiasm and positivity.


"Coach Chris Nicol lives and breathes energy and enthusiasm. His knowledge of basketball and motivation make Hoopnics Basketball Camps an excellent and fun learning experience for basketball players of all ages and abilities. Players can expect fun, intensity, skill improvement, and more fun."

Lorna Hiemstra, Principal Dunstable School     


"Chris is an excellent teacher and clinician. He communicates concepts clearly and builds his presentations in an understandable and effective manner. His enthusiasm for what he is teaching draws his audience into the subject matter. He works well with all age groups and abilities and adapts comfortably to the situation."

Paul Sir, Executive Director, Basketball Alberta    


"I was blown away by Coach Nicol’s calm, approachable and friendly demeanor. Without question, his style, attitude, humor and energy rubbed off on our players.  His session captured the players imaginations and got them thinking about how to elevate their training and personal skills.

He struck me as a man whose knowledge of the game went above and beyond."

 Cory McCabe, Stirling Knights, Stirling Scotland



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