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Book a  camp, clinic or speaking engagement . . .

Stepping away from my collegiate head coaching position will allow me to focus my energies on doing what I love most about coaching  . . . camps, clinics and speaking engagements

Summer Multi-Level camps

Why travel? Host a fantastic full scale Summer Camp right in YOUR community.

Three, Four or Five Day Camps Available

2-3 sessions per day based upon the any combination of age groups

Juniors 9-11yr (elementary school grade 4-6)  2 hrs per day

Intermediate 12-14 yr (jr high school grades 7-9)  3 hrs per day

Senior 15-18 yr (high school grades 10-12) 4 hrs per day


Weekend Team Development Camp

Want the edge this season?

If so, then host a 2-3 Day Intensive Team Camp

This camp can be tailor-made for your team and can be scheduled in the off-season, pre-season or mid-season. You as the coach determine the focus of the weekend.  The focus can be training, technical (skills), tactical (systems) or a combination of  these. What systems are you running - we can help make your team more effective and give you the edge on your competition.


Individual Skill Analysis and Refinement

Fix the hitch in your shot with the benefit of expert video analysis combined with a seasoned eye. 

This session can be customized to the individual and  added on to an existing camp if desired.  Using motion analysis software and a sound understanding of the biomechanis of skill performance Coach Nicol can help you see and understand what's going on,  fix it and acquire a technically refined skill.


Speaking Engagement

Need a speaker for your school or function? 

An accomplished speaker and presenter, Chris draws upon four decades in athletics and life experience which includes a six month overseas coaching sabbatical and solo trans-continental cycling trip.  He is an audience and message centered speaker focusing on topics such as teamwork and motivation.

Aum Nicol is an author, teacher, international speaker and cancer survivor that has presented to adults and children alike.  Her love of children, people and life in general shine out like a beacon durinig her positive presentations.  Her book "A Multicultural Alphabet", which she wrote and illustrated during chemo and radiation, serves as just one of her many platforms.


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